When this is happening you become a bottleneck to success. It is literally like you throttle the team.

This can happen due to a few things…

  1. An underlying current is felt of “you better do this the right way” which happens to be your way. This means, even though you delegate, you are not really empowering the person to take ownership.
  2. Favoritism may exist. People want to shine and feel close to you. So, they come to you with all questions and solutions so they can “bask in your glory.”
  3. You are teaching the doing but not the thinking. It is easy to get into the rut of solving every problem, but the reality is you want your team to think independently of you. To do that requires you to teach them how you think through things rather than sharing the answer.
  4. You are managing and not leading. Managing is when you see your team as executors of your plans. You see them as doers of tasks. Leading is when you see yourself as the remover of obstacles and your team as the leaders and owners of their projects. They manage you instead of you managing them.

If this is blocker is happening, set up a strategy call to see how to reverse it so you can have more free time.