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How to Make a Decision That Sticks Rather Than Gets You Stuck

How to Make a Decision That Sticks Rather Than Gets You Stuck One of the most frustrating experiences we can all face is how to make effective decisions especially when you feel there is a lot of risk at stake. You wonder how much risk you should take on without putting yourself out on a limb [...]

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What To Do When The Decision Maker Is Not Present

If for some reason you cannot get the decision-maker in the room, then the next question you need to ask is, "So thinking of Jody, what are some of the questions and challenges she will throw at you in regards to (list what you are trying to implement)?” This will get the person you are meeting [...]

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How to make a tough decision more easily

As a leader you are constantly being asked to make tough decisions. The following are typical themes I hear when leaders are having to make a tough decision- "I am not sure how Mary will feel about it," "Tom might take it the wrong way," "Jim's a great guy but I am not sure he can [...]

How can I move people to make a decision, especially if they are not the decision maker? Sales Presentation Skills

  This is tricky. If you try to push for a decision with a person who is not the decision maker, they could feel boxed in and ultimately never present your information to the levels above. But the big question with Sales Presentation Skills that begs to be answered here is: Why are you talking to [...]

How can I move people to agree with my ideas or make decisions? Corporate Sales Training

Remember when you are conversing with people, the primary thing they will try to do is protect themselves.  Therefore, they will not agree with your idea or decision unless they feel it is beneficial to them to agree. They need to feel that agreeing with you either reduces their pain or gives them greater gain.  So [...]

Effective Decision Making Strategies

The following steps will help you make more effective decisions. Ask, “If we do this, what is the worst thing that can happen?” How likely is it that will happen? If it does happen, how can you handle it or can you do anything that will reduce the chance or eliminate it from happening? Ask, “If [...]

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How to Prevent Yourself from Making Bad Decisions at Work

Emotions make you act. Logic makes you think. Notice the order I put those in. Most people think they act out of logic but the reality is that you act out of emotion and you justify your actions by logic. Understanding this fact is key to your success to stop making bad decisions. In order to [...]

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Presentation Skills: Three Ways to Make a Technical Presentation More Interesting

The most common frustration I hear from financial people, IT people and engineers is that people fall asleep during their presentations or that people pepper them with questions wanting to argue the methodology being used. Why does this happen and is there something you can do about it? Can you make a technical presentation interesting? The [...]

Presentation Skills – How to Make Learning Stick

As a leader you are constantly training your team whether you realize it or not.  The problem I think we often run in to is that people think they have "arrived" and that they no longer are learning. The truth is that your brain is continually forming new paths and new ways of thinking IF you [...]

How To Close With A Statement That Leaves The Client Wanting To Do Business Or Take The Decision-Making To The Next Level

Here are the four most common closures I have heard: “So what do you think?” “So...?” “How do you feel about that?” “Any questions?” None of these is a valid close. All of these closes make it very easy for your audience to evade telling you what they're thinking, and practically invite them to give you [...]

Kate Middleton Make a Present of the Past: Executive Presentation Skills

Kate Middleton is all the rage right now.  People are watching and comparing her to Princess Diana. What we see on the news is the poise, the kindness, the shy drop of the head and the elegance of the woman she is today.  There is a lot to the story of what made her who she [...]

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