In this article, 1,3 and 5 are what I find to make people really stand out as a strategic leader.  
In order to be able to be good at strategic thinking you have to separate the noise, understand yourself, and be able to drive a stake in the ground. So why are they so important to what you need to do?  
If you can’t separate out what is noise then you can’t get to the root of a problemYou will create a solution to symptoms which, in itself, will create another problem. If you can’t self-reflect and understand yourself, you can’t change.   
If you can’t change, you can’t growSo again, you are limited and making assumptions that may or may not be true. If you can’t drive a stake in the ground, you can’t make a definitive enough wave for people to followAs a leader, your job is to clear the path and create space for people to playThere is a difference between saying “We need to get to” versus saying “By Sept 2023, I want us to have the ability to”One gives people something to tuck to the side while the other gets people to roll up their sleeves and march in one direction.

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