“Leadership is a way of thinking, not a position.”  Anne Warfield 

I truly believe the above statement.  I think you can lead from any position; it is all about your mental attitude. 

I asked earlier on Instagram why you may think watching mystery movies can help you become more strategic.  One of the reasons is for points 2 and 3 in this article. 

When you watch a mystery and you are trying to solve it, you have to be trying to be one step ahead of the writer.   

  • You need to think from each character’s position.  
  • You need to be able to take in all the details and decipher out which are important and which are distractors.   
  • You have to be able to pick up on visuals, body language, and wording.   
  • You have to look for nuances.  
  • You have to look for motivation. 
  • You have to think from multiple angles, not just your own.  

Pick up a good mystery movie and start working on your strategic skills tonight! 

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