Giving tough feedback is not something most people look forward to. So we put it off and let it slide until you finally reach your breaking point. And that is when you blow it trying to deal with it at the moment. When giving tough feedback you want to develop the following three:
1. Frequency – the more often you give feedback on performance the more employees can make quick pivots and changes.
2. Flavor – if you come in only looking for what is off, the flavor of your feedback will quickly become seen as criticism. So when making frequent feedback look to flavor it with expanding on what you want to see more of so they begin to crave your feedback.
3. Format – don’t do the old sandwich format. Instead, stick to the facts and assume they want to perform well so they don’t begrudge you for holding that to that standard. That way you will state the facts respectfully and stay away from opinions, inferences, and assumptions.

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