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“It is amazing how Outcome Thinking® has changed my perceptions and interactions with others.  I used to live in a frustrated zone thinking  “this isn’t going to happen” but now with Outcome Thinking®, I look at all the possibilities, apply the steps and …they happen!  I have changed how I approach everything from conversations with my husband to interactions with my team.  My communication with my husband has improved tenfold. We used to have topics we didn’t even approach because they would become heated.  Now we don’t have any topics that we table. I just had a fabulous review where my boss commented on the significant changes he has seen in me.  I can’t wait to keep growing with Outcome Thinking®.”

Nicole Smith - Ameriprise

“This very effective speaking and leadership program is based on action for change and improvement.”

Susan Richardson - Capella University

“Outcome Thinking® allowed me to sharpen my presentation skills by being more succinct and comfortable during the presentation.”

Lori Kratchmer - Target

“I used to have 300 sales people giving 300 different sales presentation messages. I now have 300 sales people delivering a consistent message in their own authentic style.”

Brad Boyer - American Woodmark

What Kills Your Productivity and Profits?

What Kills Your Productivity and Profits?

What happens to productivity and profits when your leaders and sales people are not speaking the same language? The bedrock of your revenue stream is your leaders and sales people.  Both can greatly impact your company’s productivity, profits and morale, as well as, cause havoc and stress for others.  

Today over 60% of all purchasing decisions are being made at an executive level.  This means your sales team needs to be able to speak the same language as top executives and your executives need to be able to “sell” their decisions down the line. Leaders today often work with matrix teams and this requires them to influence across lines, handle conflict smoothly and be able to “sell” their decisions down the line.

There are three things that great leaders and great sales people have in common.  All three things stem from the way they think.  This thinking then drives the behavior so you automatically get the outcomes you desire.

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So if thinking is so important why does traditional training focus on behavior only rather than training on how to think transformationally rather than transactionally?
Your leaders and sales team are often put in situations that require them to think on their feet, be clear under pressure and be transformational in the way they think, listen and speak.  So what does it cost you when they don't do that?

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Until now traditional training has always been disconnected.  Now you have the chance to bring in a foundational program that will give your key players a THINKING PLATFORM that will unite the forces.
See why Outcome Thinking® clients raise productivity, increase profits, improve morale and reduce stress. 

Imagine the IMPact to the bottom line......

Here is a brief video on the Common Traits of Great Leaders and Sales and how you can apply Outcome Thinking®.