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2014 Thought Leader Webinar Series

Virtual Learning and Virtual Leadership: Getting Results in a Wired World
Cynthia Clay Michael Wilkinson Michael Bungay Stanier Libby Wagner Anne Warfield
Cynthia Clay Michael Wilkinson and Richard Smith Michael Bungay Stanier Libby Wagner Anne Warfield

Leading others face-to-face and virtually is challenging and exciting. In 2014 we are often more distant geographically, yet more connected electronically. Collaboration must trump competition internally if organizations are to compete and thrive externally. Whether you manage one person or 20, you must lead your team authentically from the next cubicle or the next country. NetSpeed Learning Solutions has invited five acclaimed thought leaders to inspire great leadership in this wired world.

Join us at the 2014 Thought Leader Webinar Series to:
  • Transition from competent contributor to inspired leader
  • Adapt to the virtual world and empower your team
  • Coach effectively to increase the impact and engagement of your team
  • Differentiate yourself as a leader through your choice of language
  • Channel your brain's style to become a more effective leader

This webinar series has been designed for leaders, managers, and supervisors; human resource and training directors; and anyone responsible for transforming an organization's business results. Join our guest speakers in five focused, engaging one-hour webinars. Register now to reserve your spot in each session.

5 Informative One-Hour Webinars!

  Wednesday, April 2, 2014 (2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central/11 am Pacific)  

Transition to Management: The Other Side of the Desk

Cynthia Clay: With over 25 years in training and management development, Cynthia Clay has channeled her vision into creating NetSpeed Learning Solutions, an industry leader in the development of high quality, innovative, and successful blended and virtual learning programs.

  Cynthia Clay  

First-time managers often find difficulties in making the transition from being competent contributors to inspired leaders. They're good at what they do and have enjoyed a sense of accomplishment. Now, they must learn to get work done through others. Being self-starters, they may not know how to "start" someone else. This challenge is compounded by the need to manage people in other locations. In this webinar, Cynthia Clay will describe five Leadership Guidelines that support a new manager in making a successful transition to their leadership role. Find out how whether you are a collaborative, coaching, results-oriented, visionary or trust-building leader.

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  Thursday, May 1, 2014 (2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central/11 am Pacific)  

Virtual Facilitation: Leading Distant Teams through a Facilitative Approach

Michael Wilkinson, Founder & CEO, and Richard Smith:, Director of Facilitation, Leadership Strategies, Inc. (LSI). LSI is a leading provider of facilitation training and services. Both are the co-authors of CLICK: The Virtual Meetings Book.

  Michael Wilkinson and Richard Smith  

Today, leaders like you must manage groups from afar in a growing digital world. How do you maintain your presence from behind a screen or speaker? Are you fully engaging your teams when you're not in the same room? Your remote team members feel isolated -- limited without the process or tools to build consensus, overcome dysfunctional situations, and make critical decisions. Leaders excel when they adapt to the virtual world and empower their teams with facilitation skills to help them navigate through these challenges. In this one-hour webinar presented by two Certified Master Facilitators, learn how to facilitate virtually.

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  Thursday, July 17, 2014 (2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central/11 am Pacific)  

The Four Counterintuitive Truths About Effective Coaching

Michael Bungay Stanier is the Senior Partner of Box of Crayons, a company that helps organizations do less good work and more great work. Michael's first book, now in its 2nd edition, Get Unstuck & Get Going won various awards, and his latest, Do More Great Work, has been endorsed by leading thinkers in the business world. Michael was a Rhodes Scholar and the 2006 Canadian Coach of the Year.

  Michael Bungay Stanier  

Coaching is an essential tool for managers and leaders to increase the impact and engagement of their teams. Your organization flourishes when people are self-sufficient and focused on the stuff that matters. Coaching helps make that happen. But getting managers coaching more is easier said than done. No one has time for long "touchy feely" conversations. But wouldn't it be good if coaching could be practical and to the point as well as useful and empowering? Join us for this provocative webinar that shares insights and tools to help you make coaching a daily tool all your managers can use.

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  Tuesday, September 23, 2014 (2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central/11 am Pacific)  

The Poetry of Persuasion: The Powerful Language of Leaders

Libby Wagner: A trusted advisor for presidents, CEOs and executive directors, Libby empowers those with whom she works to clearly articulate what they want, why they want it, and how to ask for it, creating the poetic difference. Libby helps others not only to find their voices, but also to stand solidly and confidently in their voice to create the work and lives they love. Working with Libby includes diving into the extraordinary: she has the uncanny ability to help you select exactly the language you need to communicate in ways you've never done before.

  Libby Wagner  

Why do 350 of the 500 Fortune 500 companies regularly use artists in their organizations to help them tap into creativity and creative processes? Leaders regularly have to deal with ambiguity and to make sense of the chaos they and their businesses face, especially in times of great change. This is exactly what poets do, as well, make the unclear more clear. The language you choose -- in print, speaking and conversation -- is critical to differentiate yourself as a leader. Using poetry is an unconventional and powerful differentiator.

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  Wednesday, November 12, 2014 (2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central/11 am Pacific)  

Backyard versus Maverick Leader:
How each style impacts how you lead a virtual team

Anne Warfield shows leaders how to be more influential by strategically saying the right thing at the right time. The revolutionary Outcome Thinking® is a brain-based methodology that shows you how to be transformational when you present, negotiate, sell or lead. When applying Outcome Thinking®, results include a 25% savings of time as well as a culture shift in thinking. Anne has been utilized by NBC, ABC, CBS as well as radio stations round the world. See what Outcome Thinking® can do for you.

  Anne Warfield  

Can you become a better leader of a virtual team by understanding your brain's style as a leader? In this fast paced session, Anne Warfield will take you on a deep dive in to the brain of leaders, and how the brain impacts the way, or even whether, you can lead virtually. You will understand why you do what you do, how it impacts your team's effectiveness, and how to channel your style in order to build a high performance team.

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