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Platinum Program

This is for those leaders who want to build a culture of high accountability, respect and trust by helping their team be more influential in multiple situations whether it be presenting, negotiating, selling, dealing with conflict or problem solving.

We will take your team through an interactive journey that includes live training to introduce new concepts in a pragmatic way to make dramatic changes in the way you think and interact with others.  This new thinking is reinforced by working with your own situations, working in small OT pods so you raise your accountability. You and your team will get weekly short focused video clips that tackle key problems and challenges your team faces and by working directly with Outcome Thinking® Experts in monthly laser coaching to fine tune and commit the learning to habit.

With a comprehensive package that includes consulting and even executive coaching you can explode the power of your team!

This program works best for clients who are dedicated to their teams, committed to learning and align training and performance feedback in a meaningful way.  These are the future leaders of your company so this is a great way to build your bench strength.

Call us to chat about what challenges you face and how or if the Platinum Program is right for you.

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