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Since learning about Outcome Thinking I focus on the audience, on my goal/outcome and how to get there. I’ll focus on practicing, but not scripting. Previously when I presented I’d get nervous, think inwardly about myself, about knowing my content as best I can, almost scripting my presentation. If you’re thinking about investing in Managing Your Message, do it. Its common sense that is not common practice and the trainer helps you put the pieces together and apply what you’ve learned in your everyday practice.

Emily Wiebel - Group O

My presentations in the past did not always set the stage of material being covered. I would use too many words on the slides. After spending two days learning Outcome Thinking I think more about what audience would like to hear. Managing Your Message is good mix of presentation skills & content education.

Tim Harriger - Sensus

I would lose my train of thought and I would focus on providing lots of information when I presented in the past. Once I learned how to Manage My Message I now focus on the audience’s needs and perspectives and that the audience is not attacking me they’re only protecting themselves. I would highly recommend checking Outcome Thinking and this class out.

Scott Kirkpatrick

In the past my presentations were self-centric. Since attending Managing Your Message my presentations are not “them-centric.” Stop thinking about it, go!

Chris Porzel - American Woodmark

I’ve learned techniques to engage my audience when I present now after I attended Managing Your Message. Before this class my presentation were too dry. I recommend you do it. Take this class.

Marc Bourrie - Sensus

Since experiencing Managing Your Message I’ve learned how to engage my audience and relate the topic to them whereas before I just stated facts. Outcome Thinking is a good course and worthwhile.

Marcia Croce - Lanxess

Before my experience with Managing Your Message there would be agreement in the room with the concepts presented but the attendees would not fully buy-in after the meeting. After my two days learning Outcome Thinking there is more engagement from the audience, I have more credibility and my message has more focus. This class is definitely worth the time and will be helpful in all aspects of your life in relating to people and being effective.

Anonymous User

I would occasionally get nervous and lose track of where I was when I presented in the past. After two days with Outcome Thinking I am able to control my breathing better and focus more on my message.

Derek Rhodes - Lanxess

I had no effective opening, a monotone presentation and no clear organization. Now with Outcome Thinking I saw the following changes happen, I have an organized presentation with a beginning that will capture my audience’s attention to the matter at hand. Managing Your Message is a good way to refine your presentation/speaking skills.

Steven Wu, - Lanxess

I would jump straight into the material without setting the stage when I presented in the past. Since attending Managing Your Message I clearly outline the Roadmap that we will follow and it is all from the audience’s perspective. Interested in Outcome Thinking? Take it! It will help you better prepare for presentations so your audience gets what they need.

Bridget Berardinelli - Sensus