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Are you considering investing in Outcome Thinking? It’s a worthwhile investment. It will change your mind set on presentation skills. Before completing the Managing Your Message training I would often have a distracted audience. My presentations were not completely organized and at times there was a failure to draw to a close. Since then I have a targeted presentation. I am always thinking about the audience and what they need and I now consider what outcome is that I want to achieve.

Glen Villano - Merchants Leasing

ProGOtiations is a program that you can use for all sorts of negotiating. Before attending ProGOtiations I would only think about my needs, not the needs of the other participants. Since learning about Outcome Thinking® I now look at negotiating as a partnership where you include the needs of all parties.

Bill Rohr - SOS Staffing Group

My audience didn’t hear the message I was trying to convey when I negotiated in the past. Now with ProGOtiating the power to frame the message is in my control which will increase the chances they’ll hear the true message. Interested in Outcome Thinking®? Participate. It seem appropriate/applicable to a brad range of situations and not just traditional negotiations.

Rachel Nygard - HealthPartners

Getting the audience to take an action had been challenging when I would present in the past. I would mostly just share information. Learning about Managing Your Message I now have an awareness about the “outcome” and internalizing it. I would recommend investing in Outcome Thinking®. Just do it. Now.

Gnan Gowda - Datacard

Previously when I would present I fell into the “corporate” rut, just presenting as well as others. After attending the Managing Your Message class I now focus on the outcomes. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking® just go for it.

Joey Mitchell - Sensus

Before participating in Managing Your Message I would ask questions “off the cuff.” Now with Outcome Thinking® I will go in with three planned questions. This program was a great experience and valuable. You’ll learn a lot.

Jessica Heizer - Merchants Leasing

My presentations are more focused and clear now that I’ve learned how to Manage My Message. Before attending the Outcome Thinking class I tended to get lost and wonder when I presented. I recommend you take the class.

Bobby Tynes - Lanxess

In my presentations in the past, I would lose my train of thought. I am now very focused since attending Managing Your Message. I would highly recommend Outcome Thinking.

Mala Ruzzano - American Woodmark

Since participating in the Managing Your Message class I have increased confidence, a roadmap to build a concise message and strong close whereas before I felt nervous and unprepared. This class is well worth the time and money, especially with the resources given for after the class.

Lauren Harris - OCLC

My focus was on me and my material before when I presented. Once I attended the Managing Your Message class my focus changed to audience. Outcome Thinking would be a very good investment. Something I would very much encourage you to take.

Rob Willock - Univita Health