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Most of my past presentations I would lose the audience. I would stray from the agenda and it was much too confusing. Once I learned Outcome Thinking I can now keep the audience engaged. If you’re interested in the Managing Your Message training I definitely encourage you to go. I’m encouraging my team to take this class.

Laxmi Govindan - Best Buy

I was always too focused on the information and not the audience in my past presentations. Since I’ve learned about Outcome Thinking I now know that I need to be there for the benefit of the audience, not myself. Managing Your Message is not what you’ve been taught before about public speaking and presentations. It is a valuable and innovative approach to reaching your audience and increasing their understanding.

Don Bohn - OCLC

I had a very routine approach to my presentations in the past, many times not realizing why the desired results were not achieved. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I learned a methodical approach to drive my desired results through goal setting, group questions and more. My advice if you’re considering this course is it is certainly time well spent. A wise investment to improve outcomes for any organization.

Jeremy Vice - Prime Therapeutics

When I presented in the past I was nervous and would talk too fast. Now that I’ve spent two days learning Outcome Thinking my presentations are more organized and I’ve learned how to relax a bit. Managing Your Message is a good session on how to organize your thoughts, present around the goals and putting yourself in their shoes.

Leigh Clancy - iBAHN

When I presented in the past I was nervous, had a dry mouth and I would seize up and lose my place. After learning Outcome Thinking® I’ve become more methodical in my approach and therefore confident in my delivery. The Managing Your Message class has very useful material with well trained and effective presenters.

Joseph Schaaf - Prime Therapeutics

Previously when I presented I would get extremely nervous. Now that I’ve spent two days learning Outcome Thinking I am less nervous. I picked up some coping mechanisms and am more at ease. If you’re interested in learning to give a great presentation take Managing Your Message. Take this class. It will help.

Alison Hutcheson - Merchants Leasing

I basically would read the material on the slides which was iBAHN centric. Since attending Managing Your Message I’ve found that I don’t use the slides and focus instead on the customer. Managing Your Message is a great program. Just do it!

Jody Graham - iBAHN

In the past when I presented I had a lack of continuity. Experiencing the Managing Your Message class helped me develop a format and flow based on my set objectives. You should definitely learn about Outcome Thinking®.

Clay Harrison - Prime Therapeutics

Before Managing Your Message I would be nervous presenting. The message I desired was not the message received. After learning Outcome Thinking my presentations are now focused on the audience. I have often heard that the audience is always thinking about how the subject matter affects them. I now know how to get my message to reflect his norm so my message can be heard. This program will definitely be worth it.

Michele Goebel - Komatsu America

Previously when I presented I would get very nervous with a high heart rate and dry mouth. I didn’t put much thought into the strategy behind my presentation. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I am more comfortable with my presentations and I focus on the value of Roadmap which result in much more clarity in my message. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking attend this program. It is a course worth taking to improve your presentation skills to provide better clarification and communication between your company and clients.

Sarah Vanderlinde-Kuntz - Prime Therapeutics