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Before attending Managing Your Message I tended to dump information on the attendees with no real results in mind when I presented. As I was doing my homework the first night I realized that there were changes that I’d make to my presentation to ensure that I was relaying the correct message. Outcome Thinking is a great use of your time and I feel like I have a clearer understanding of how to effectively communicate my messages now.

Andrea Davis - Sensus

Taking the Managing Your Message class helped me to learn to focus on the audience and how to engage them instead of focusing on me and the process. I was able to fine tune my opening, my transitions and goals. By being a part of this class you will understand a more effective way to present your message and receive buy-in.

Chad Fritz - Univita Health

Blank stares and lots of questions after the fact is what would happen during my presentations. After this Managing Your Message course I now have prescriptive messaging that ties to strategic goals that the audience is engage in. Outcome Thinking is a strategic tool will revolutionize the way you look at messaging. Take the leap!

Nathan Faith - Group O

Before when I presented I thought I was being effective and may have been to a certain level in the small or large group setting but probably not as effective in one-on-one settings with different communication styles. Since participating in Managing Your Message I am much more effective with a powerful, strategic presentation. Learning about the communication styles is going to really help in my one-on-ones. I highly recommend this course if you’re interested in learning about Outcome Thinking.

Shari Harris - Medtronic

I say “Go for it!” if you’re thinking about investing in Outcome Thinking. It used to be that I thought about what I wanted to say when I presented. Now that I’ve taken the Managing Your Message class I think about how to add value to my audience.

Chris Atkins - Sensus

My previous presentations generated questions, I focused on some of the wrong things and I was scattered. After two days immersed in Outcome Thinking I have an organized message to address and am focused on what’s important to the audience. I am more self aware of body language and I can anticipate what the audience wants to know. Thinking of investing in Managing Your Message? The information alone is worth the investment. Receiving the coaching on top if it is priceless if you’re interested in developing polishing your presentation skills.

Stephanie Warren - Ameriprise Financial

My presentations were too details in the past. Since attending Managing Your Message I now present as the audience wants/needs to hear-addressing their communication styles, and hopefully they will appreciate and agree with the next steps. I would recommend taking the Outcome Thinking class.

Don Hagensen - Lanxess

I have improved confidence when presenting as well as clarity of thinking and improved organization in my preparation and presentation since I’ve learned how to Manage My Message. Before learning Outcome Thinking the audience members would be uncomfortable or distracted at times if I was rambling. Absolutely participate in this class. It has an efficient and enjoyable learning environment with the opportunity for making positive change without a great effort. The trainer listens and advises at multiple levels very efficiently.

Rich Mahr - Regions Hospital

Are you interested in Managing Your Message? Absolutely attend, even if you have a fear of speaking-confront it. You will learn tips and skills to help you both in and outside of work. My presentations in the past had too much detail and were not direct enough. I would often lose the audience as my message was not clear. Now that I’ve experienced Managing Your Message I’ve learned to tailor my message around the goal and the audience. It truly helped to simplify my presentation and allowed me to hit my points clearly.

Deane Loehr - HealthPartners

It is hard to find a person that can come in and train successful, high level men between the ages of 35-65. Our industry is dominated by men that are extremely polished in how they sell and negotiate so it takes a lot to command their respect. You walked in and in just the first hour established a rapport, built credibility, and made an impact. You knew OUR BUSINESS, our customers and our terms. Everything you did was specific to us not a generic program. The guys even went to our CEO to tell him how much they learned about presentations and negotiations from your class. And this is a group where time is money so being away from the office for three days was a supreme sacrifice for them yet they all loved it! I'm excited about the opportunity we have here and think you can play a lead part in our company's growth and evolution.

First Industrial Realty Trust