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This session made me focus inward, the result is an improved thought process toward normal, everyday interactions.

Malasa Williams - Prime Therapeutics

The Conflict Harmonizer™ program shows how to turn conflict from a stress producer to a building block for future success

Nils Muladore - OCLC

I learned how to focus on understanding the position of the other person in the conflict and adjusting the resolution approach to finding a mutually satisfying solution.

Ted Fons - OCLC

Conflict Harmonizer™ training shows you how to separate emotions from facts and create a shared outcome. I will respond faster and saner to difficult stressful situations.

Phil Norman - OCLC

This program gave me great ideas for better ways to approach conflict discussions so that I learn more about the concerns of the other person. I will have a more positive approach to resolving conflicts.

David Whitehair - OCLC

I learned some skills and a process to prepare for difficult/conflict conversations. I saw a way to make them positive tools in managing people. I will have more confidence in approaching and resolving conflicts.

Jenny Johnson - OCLC

Being very interactive and hands-on makes this program very effective. I picked up great tips on handling conflict. I will be able to better manage both conflict and “compromise” types of situations.

Molly Dorsey - OCLC

I was given the tools with which to think about and approach various conflicts at different levels in the organization rather than the “answers.” I will have more focused, successful communication getting past the barriers.

Renee Register

Conflict Harmonizer™ is a different approach to handling a conflict with a proactive, result oriented approach. I will see more staff taking accountability for their team.

Tim Schwab - OCLC

My sales message was conflicted and poorly received which produced little response. Now with the Sales Excavation® method I am crafting a better message that has a clear purpose and a defined outcome desired.

Colleen Flaherty - Prime Therapeutics