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My past presentations were often conducted in more of a conversation mode. Now I focus on anchor points, to be more succinct and emphatic after learning Outcome Thinking. Managing Your Message is time well spent and would encourage everyone to attend.

Kannan Seshadri - OCLC

Before attending Managing Your Message I struggled with my presentation set up. My presentations are now more structured, I have a better set up and the message is clearer. I highly recommend investing in Outcome Thinking®.

Christine Carnicom - Prime Therapeutics

I would talk too much about me and not the goals of the audience before attending the Managing Your Message training. I now focus immediately on the audience’s needs. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking…I recommend you take this class.

Tom Coffey - Merchants Leasing

Are you thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking? You must go. You will learn so many valuable things that will help you communicate more effectively. Before I attended Managing Your Message I got too involved with my agenda and my perspective when I would present. I now focus more on the audience’s perspective and the outcomes desired.

Jennifer Pearson - OCLC

In the past when I presented I would ramble and get so nervous I’d forget where I was in my presentation. Now with Outcome Thinking I love getting the audience’s attention with a story. I think if I can get a great introduction my presentation will be more effective. Thank you! Definitely do it if you’re interested in Outcome Thinking.

Patty Eden - Prime Therapeutics

I would be nervous, unsure and lacked confidence when I would present in the past. After learning Outcome Thinking® I am now shifting my focus to the audience rather than on me. If you invest in Outcome Thinking® it will change your effectiveness.

Christine Anderson - Prime Therapeutics

Most of my audiences would be interested and enthusiastic when I would present to a technical audience but when I presented to an executive audience they would become frustrated. Attending Managing Your Message changed how I work the presentations. I now know to show value to the audience and describe the outcome at the start of the presentation. This class is definitely worth it.

Kelly Womble - OCLC

Boring, wordy and traditional are words I used to describe my past presentations. Since taking Managing Your Message my presentations are structured, organized, focused and are more interesting and concise. Outcome Thinking is very valuable and helpful.

Dana Gaffney - Merchants Leasing

I had a mainly average style of presenting with average results. Once I complete the Managing Your Message training I had an understanding and engagement from my audience. This Outcome Thinking class is well worth your time and investment.

Ryan Noyes - Prime Therapeutics

I was always focused on what I wanted my audience to hear when I would present. After learning Outcome Thinking my focus will change so that I’m asking “how can I add value?” “Why do they need me to speak with them?” “What is their need?” Absolutely take the course. The wisdom extends beyond giving a presentation.

Maureen Huss - OCLC