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I seemed to get stuck with people in emotional ties when I would negotiate in the past. After learning ProGOtiation® I am making the other side a focus and working on the same side really reduces the emotional ties. Take ProGOtiations®. You won’t regret it.

Randy Lingen - Wells Fargo

It used to be when I negotiated I would have stagnation. Sometimes the issues were unresolved. Now with ProGOtiation® I have better transparency and I use a more positive tone. This was a helpful course with good personal insights.

Robert Kirby - Wells Fargo

Previously when I negotiated it would take time to get folks on the same page. After attending ProGOtiations® I see how to approach getting everyone to bring their issues to the table. If you’re interested in this class, go for it.

Patrick Jean-Paul - Wells Fargo

Before ProGOtiations® I would cave too easily to the other side. I am now able to establish a common goal that benefits both sides. You will find this class enjoyable and valuable.

Scott Hraha - Wells Fargo

I frequently found myself stuck at impasses over seemingly inconsequential elements of the discussion. Now with ProGOtiations® I see with greater clarity the methods to understand others in the context, noting what was to enter that space successfully for mutual understanding. ProGOtiations® is outstanding. Well worth the time.

Peter Heule - Wells Fargo

In the past when I negotiated I was frustrated. I now have less frustration and am more effective after learning how to ProGOtiate®. Attend this class, it will definitely help.

Chris Hall - Wells Fargo

Most of my past negotiations I would use the word “I.” This ProGOtiation® class has helped me become direct and to the point. I now use the word “brainstorming.” This is a very effective approach.

Ilber Gashe - Wells Fargo

Before ProGOtiations® I had more conflict to get to the closing. After attending this two day program self-centric became customer centric. This is definitely worth your time.

Troy Galbach - Wells Fargo

Looking back I would have mixed results or would not even negotiate due to lack of confidence. Now with ProGOtiation® I will approach negotiations with more confidence and hopes for success. The program is a worthy investment of time.

Byron Emerson - Wells Fargo

I would get frustrated not knowing what the other party wanted when I would negotiate. I now have more confidence and am more aware after attending the ProGOtiations® program. If you’re interested I suggest you “Go for it.”

Christopher Colvin - Wells Fargo