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When I would negotiate in the past I didn’t spend too much time in the curious zone. Now with ProGOtiations® I am keeping the curiosity up and spending more time in the curious zone. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Raj Selvaraj - Wells Fargo

Before attending this ProGOtiation® program I ended up miserable with pent up anger when I negotiated. Since attending the ProGOtiation® course I am very positive. I recommend taking this course.

Ajay Pillai - Wells Fargo

My negotiations didn’t always go the way I expected. After learning how to ProGOtiate® I am more focused on the outcome and seeing the negotiation from the other person’s perspective. If you’re interested in ProGOtiations®, Do It.

Tom Muirhead - Wells Fargo

In the past when I negotiated I was “me” centered. Now with ProGOtiations® I am “outcome and other” centered. If you were thinking of investing in this program I say DO IT!

Sue Melly - Wells Fargo

I was sometimes successful and sometimes not when I would negotiate. Nowadays I prepare up front and I put myself in the place of the opposite party. If you’re interested in ProGOtiations® look at the website and speak with a couple of other people who have been through the class.

John Lafferty - Wells Fargo

Beforehand in my negotiations I did not get others involved nor did I respect their knowledge or opinion. Now with ProGOtiations® I collaborate and work towards the outcome. You should try this class. You will find useful techniques that you can apply on any day-to-day job.

Aravind Krishnasamy - Wells Fargo

I was frustrated and not achieving the desired outcome when I would negotiate. After learning how to ProGOtiate® I understand how to approach my negotiations from the other person’s perspective. This is definitely worth the experience. There is lots of useful tips and advice.

Dave Kirby - Wells Fargo

Until I attended ProGOtiations® I had trouble closing the deal. I now see how closing the loop will drive the discussion home. If you’re not sure of investing in ProGOtiations® I say “Just Do It!!”

John Feuerherd - Wells Fargo

Previously when I would negotiate when I would probe for questions I tended to use an interrogation style which may have made people feel uncomfortable. With ProGOtiations® I now see myself engaging the other parties more and using the right questions to avoid the other parties becoming defensive. I strongly recommend investing in this training.

Lei Guo - Wells Fargo

Until I attended ProGOtiations® I tried to engage all parties but was not aware of their hot buttons. Now my negotiations seems to be more of a joint effort instead of us against them. Attending this training will help you with your personal and professional negotiations.

David Dimick - Wells Fargo