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Anne, cannot thank you enough for the stellar interview today. What’s more, I cannot thank you enough for how far above and beyond you go whenever we need you for a story. The two most recent (the Kyron Horman search and the Governor debate a few weeks ago) you CLEARLY are doing extra research on the topic . . . you give such a deeply informed opinion every time it makes our stuff sound fantastic. Please let me know if there is ever a time I can return the favor.

Colby Reade - Anchor, KXL

It used to be when I presented that I had way too many details which then confused my message. After learning Outcome Thinking® I am now able to focus my message more clearly and retain my audience’s attention throughout the presentation. Outcome Thinking® offers you great tools with the training for people trying to improve their communication style.

Stefan Bucher - General Mills

In the past when I presented I would be stuck in the slide decks with the content. I am now concentrating my message on adding value for the audience using Outcome Thinking®. If you want to rethink how you can be more effective giving presentations, you should check this course, Managing Your Message, out.

Jill Saunders - Cargill

I am not one who likes presenting. I used to get very nervous. I never felt prepared no matter how much effort I put into it. In just two days of learning Outcome Thinking® my message became focused and I am much more relaxed. Go for it if you are thinking of investing in Outcome Thinking®.

Lorraine Olson - Humana

Before Outcome Thinking® I would lose people. I would overwhelm them in my presentations. Now I know where I’m going and where to take the audience based on the goal we mutually must achieve. If you’re at all interested in Outcome Thinking®, take it! It could change your career. I honestly believe it changed mine.

Britta Chatterjee - General Mills

Outcome Thinking hit right on in helping us turn around our negotiations. It was amazing to see how you could pinpoint what we really should be negotiating, how to turn it around to be from the other person’s perspective and how you were able to quickly coach us each on what we were doing to hinder the negotiation. I loved how, not coming from our industry, you were able to spot what points were keeping us stuck and how our own thinking was creating our biggest roadblocks and then show us how to completely turn it around. Since we are all about being true partners with all we work with, this fit right in with helping us use negotiations as building blocks, not stumbling blocks.

Tony Robson - Komastu

It is amazing how Outcome Thinking has changed my perceptions and interactions with others. I used to live in a frustrated zone thinking “this isn’t going to happen” but now with Outcome Thinking, I look at all the possibilities, apply the steps and...they happen! I have changed how I approach everything from conversations with my husband to interactions with my team. My communication with my husband has improved tenfold. We used to have topics we didn’t even approach because they would become heated. Now we don’t have any topics that we table. I just had a fabulous review where my boss commented on the significant changes he has seen in me. I can’t wait to keep growing with Outcome Thinking.

Nicole Smith - Ameriprise Bank

As a result of attending your Managing Your Message seminar, I’ve shifted how I give my presentations. Many people in finance are not comfortable with public speaking and giving presentations, that’s why I took the seminar. In the past I would have just told the audience what I know. Now, thanks to your seminar, I really think about it differently and focus on giving the audience what they need. I’m more connected to my audience and people are coming up afterwards telling me how beneficial my presentations were. Now that I’m more focused, I’ve even cut down my preparation time creating my presentations. Your seminar taught me how to prepare, know my audience and deliver a high impact presentation. This seminar was definitely beneficial and worthwhile!

I also use your seminar as a recruiting tool. I recently interviewed someone for a management position and I showed the candidate the IMP course as an example of the professional development opportunities for them if they join our company. They just accepted the position! Thank you.

Robert Kelleman - Controller, American Woodmark

Having Outcome Thinking in my toolkit is really helpful. I used to just jump right into the information when presenting. Now I realize how important the opening is and I open my presentations in a way that sets the stage and anchors the message for my audience. Learning about the four communications styles was also tremendously beneficial and by being able to identify the communication style, I can better understand how others absorb information and make decisions based on their style.

Jerry Thorton - Coca-Cola

Thank you so much for your fabulous coaching on how to use Outcome Thinking® to best communicate to my clients about a move I am making. In the past, every time I made a move to another firm, I’d risk losing a significant number of clients. Needless to say, when I lost clients it had a negative impact on my book of business (and me financially) and I’d have to build back up again. You helped me shift how I typically communicated a change with my clients so that I was able to reduce any fears they have and demonstrate to them the value of the move. The result is, that for the first time ever, I retained every single one of my clients. This means I can spend my time hitting the ground running full speed with all of them at the new firm instead of spending countless hours trying to rebuild my business. So right away my clients see a value and my new firm loves that my entire book of business came with me! I can’t even begin to tell you the impact it will have for my clients in the long-term and for me financially.

As excited as I am about the business impact, I am even more excited about the difference it has made in my relationship and discussions with my wife. As you can imagine, since moves in the past have meant a loss of business and revenue, my finances have always been impacted which results in stress for my wife and family. So you can imagine she is not too excited about me making any moves! I started planning out what I was going to say to her and I could feel my own stress rising. I realized I needed to step back and use Outcome Thinking® in my communication with her, just like I had with my clients, and it completely changed my approach. It caused me to come from a completely different position from how I have approached her in the past and it led to a very rich, supportive and thoughtful conversation. At the end she was, not only supportive of my move, but also excited about how we would journey through it together as a family. Thank you so much for your coaching, what a difference it made for me both professionally and personally!

Mike Mullins - Financial Planner