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Thanks again for the class! That has been the best class I have attended since I have been with AWC and probably the best I have attended with any job. You are truly an inspiration!

Christina Lusk - American Woodmark

THANK YOU for the GREAT presentation earlier this morning at the HealthPartners Symposium. You did a wonderful job and there were many points which hit home for me.

I was one of the people that you asked to send feedback and I want to thank you for addressing my questions as to how to better understand the differences among generations. I especially liked how you incorporated personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate the application of the Outcome Thinking Seeds.

The other thought I walked away from this meeting with was that you sound like a truly wonderful mother and I would love to emulate that.

Again, thank you for a marvelous presentation and I hope I will be successful in putting the information to good use.

Patricia Kruckeberg - Manager, Corporate Financial Reporting, HealthPartners, Inc.

I find that when I sit and write out my goal and questions I have time to think and drill down to the outcome I am looking for and my communication is clearly understood. When I do not do this I find I am going back and clarifying and apologizing because the communication is not clear. My presentations have come alive. I am able to pull the audience in making the presentation flow smoother. In the past, I have been unsure of the presentation and really didn’t make it my own.

One-on-one discussions, I still need to work on the discussions around giving constructive criticism. I have crashed and burned because I was not really using the tools. But since I have realized this I am feeling more confident in working through these discussions by working out the outcome and planning my questions around them. Outcome Thinking® is very helpful in putting together investigatory questions. It helps take away the roughness that can be felt by these questions.

Using Outcome Thinking® I find I am less frustrated and anxious. I am able to communicate clearly and professionally. It makes my days much easier.

I am even using it personally-we have conferences coming up and I plan to use the tools to help facilitate a discussion with a teacher. When I use these tools, I feel less frustrated because they help me focus on the issue and not the personal aspects of the situation. When I stop focusing on the issue I get in trouble because my personal feelings take over.

My thinking has changed as I see I am not the focus, it is not about me. I need to take the perceptions of others in mind and work towards an understanding, to achieve the desired outcome.

Barb Wanner - HealthPartners

I just returned from giving a presentation in Oregon and wanted to let you know that I used so many of your tips when preparing and presenting--they were extremely helpful. My biggest fear is appearing nervous and I can't tell you how happy it made me when those in the audience commented on how well I presented and how calm I appeared! Thanks!

Rae Ann Williams - HealthPartners

Thank you very much for all of the information you shared with us at PowerVar. I appreciate the two books to keep our minds rolling with all of this new way of thinking. I have read both and shared with my new wife everything I learned. I cannot believe how much changing my focus and thoughts changes communication. When in group settings or meetings I have become extremely observant and pay close attention to reactions and personalities. I never realized to the extent that everyone is a ‘one upper’, including myself. It is crazy! Everyone always wants the last word regardless of the situation. I learned a great deal about gaining trust, and building personal relationships in professional environments. I have never had a problem making new friends or adapting to new locations personally. Now I act more like myself and am becoming friends with customers or probable customers. Your interactive seminar is the without a doubt the best training I have ever experienced!

Craig Kalie - Powervar

Just wanted to reiterate how great of a class we had. It has to be the best and most useful training I have ever had and I have had plenty.

I will keep in touch and let you know how what I learned has put me to an advantage over my competitors!!!

Thanks again!

Allen Smith - American Woodmark

I use the negotiation skills that I’ve learned through your teachings on an almost daily basis at Wells Fargo. It has become so natural to me that I rarely ever reflect on the fact that prior to your classes that my skills in this area were... well... ok, they sucked ;)

Last week I was headed to Lake Tahoe with my wife to get in a little snowboarding after a business trip to San Francisco. We rented a small car at the SF airport, however ½ way there we found out that we would not be able to get across the mountain pass due to heavy snow. Snow chains and or 4-wheel drive with snow tires were required and cars like ours would be turned back. So, we stopped at the rental car branch in Sacramento to attempt a trade-in for a 4-wheel vehicle.

Long story longer... (hopefully not much longer ;) The gentleman at the counter was happy to set us up with a SUV; however, the default charging process stuck us with a two day rental and a one-way fee for the car we picked up in SF only two hours earlier. Ouch! I could sense that he was ready for a fight/complaints as I’m sure he’s been in this spot many times before. I could feel my inner hot-head getting all steamed up. It would have been so easy to start a downward spiral. Instead, I put a sincere smile on my face and said, “Yikes, the process really isn’t set up well for the situation we’re in is it?... Is there anything you could do for us? ...maybe there’s room for a creative approach?”. I could see the tension in his face and body relax as he smiled back and started to feverishly type on the keyboard. Bottom line, he used some “backdoor” to remove all the extra charges which saved us nearly $400.

I have no doubt that if this situation would have presented itself five years ago (prior to your class) I would have ended up paying those extra charges and walked away extremely mad... maybe ruining our fun trip to Lake Tahoe.

Thanks so much for the life skills you’ve provided!

Rob Carter - Wells Fargo

Here it is four years after attending both the Managing Your Message and the ProGOtiations® program and the question is how has it impacted what I do and the results I get? One of the things that has changed for me is I now focus my message quickly. This has helped me a lot. In crafting my message I am very aware of what outcomes I am trying to reach and then how to use the system to synthesize the information down so it is easy for people to follow, digest and act on.

It is bringing greater clarity for me and has resulted in better feedback and more interest right upfront from others. I see this in the notes that people send out after I talk expressing concrete ideas they captured. It has generated more action and more follow up proposals which is exactly what I want. I now find I put less in slides and use more visuals.

As a lead on multiple projects on many matrix teams I now see how important it is that people are able to share information in a format that others can quickly respond to so that more effective decisions can be made. Now when I sit through presentations that have lots of complex information I see how easy it is to drift off, miss key points and to just get lost! I wish more people learned how to use Outcome Thinking® to simplify as it would make our meetings more succinct and clear.

Atul Bhatt - Wells Fargo, Enterprise Architecture

ANNE - You were a BIG HIT with our team! Your content, delivery, energy and personality were on TARGET! Anne is one of those wise sages whose message, approach and tool kit is timeless and adaptable to every organization and culture. I have worked with Anne over the years in a number of different companies; she has left us quicker, smarter, faster and more profitable every time! We are going to have to figure out how to make you a "fixture" to our success and part of our team! THANKS so much..

Murad Velani - Archway

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate learning Outcome Thinking® and how it has helped me both in my business as a Wealth Advisor and with my book launch! I came through the program just as I was launching my new book, Cinder Without Her Fella: A Light-Hearted and Practical Guide to Divorce, which you can find at

I’d done enough presentations to know the basics and wanted to polish my skills and prepare for upcoming interviews and television appearances for my books. Learning Outcome Thinking® helped me learn how to communicate my message with high impact, authenticity and credibility. Building trust with my clients is really important, and Outcome Thinking® helps me communicate with my clients in a manner that builds trust and demonstrates the value I bring.

The additional coaching I did in preparation of the media appearances for the Cinder Without Her Fella book was tremendously beneficial in helping me craft compelling messages that would connect with my audience and also better manage my nervousness so my knowledge, confidence and credibility came through. Thank you!

Carin Thomas - UBS