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I would get questions upfront for the reason for my presentation before coming to the Managing Your Message class. I now set the goal and purpose straight away when I present. If you’re interested in Outcome Thinking, I recommend attending. It can benefit everybody, even if you think you already present perfectly.

Anna Hemmerich - Lanxess

Previously when I presented I focused on the outcome and my opening was not as strong. The value to the audience was not the focus. Now that I’ve attended Managing Your Message I keep the outcome in the focus but focus on what is important to the audience, not just what I want to achieve. If your job requires any kind of presentations, this is a class you’d want to take.

Kshanika Anthony - Medtronic, Inc.

Finding alternate solutions to counter my client’s rebuttals and being less nervous and tense is what I walked away with after attending this Outcome Thinking class. I urge you to try it. It has great insight for strategy.

Darin Woodard - IgnitionOne

I focused too much on the details in my past presentations. The slides were too wordy and lengthy and the goal was not stated up front. After learning Outcome Thinking I focus on the outcome now. I state the goal. I use the openings and closing correctly and have the correct amount of detail in my presentations. Attending Managing Your Message changes the manner in which you think and interact with others in any communication.

Al Zavar - OCLC

I had never used the word “no” when I presented. Since experiencing Outcome Thinking I now understand that not all prospects are a good fit.

Oliver Bath - IgnitionOne

So often I was nervous, talked rapidly and had avoidance issues before Managing Your Message. Since learning Outcome Thinking I am not so nervous and am more confident in how I present. Take this course. I think it was valuable.

Dan Whitney - OCLC

The audience would often have confused looks or show disinterest when I was presenting. I couldn’t wait for it to be done. Then I enjoyed attending Managing Your Message. I now have more engagement from the audience. I feel more comfortable with presenting a message utilizing the Roadmap story list. This class is well worth the investment.

Collyn Iblings - Mairs & Power

I always had too much information when I presented in the past. I focused on what I wanted to say. Now with Outcome Thinking I focus on what I want the audience to hear. I set goals and have a concise message. I recommend attending Managing Your Message. It’s rare to take a class and immediately apply the learning and see great improvement.

Jeff Wallace - OCLC

Being driven on closings, focused on a mental script of key points and too focused on the product and less on the client is how I conducted my presentations before embracing Outcome Thinking. Since then I am more consultative and spontaneous. I’d advise anyone looking at Outcome Thinking to attend. It’s very beneficial in altering your outlook and approach.

Peter Phillips - IgnitionOne

Managing Your Message is good training to focus on positive outcomes in communications. It’s great for influencing decisions. I always tried to influence the outcomes of my presentations. After learning about Outcome Thinking I focus on the audience types more.

Bill Lisse - OCLC