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Outcome Focus® Interviewing System - Technology Version

Price: $199.00

With one click of a button you will be able to hold in your hands the ability to recession proof your career. You will be able to hold the knowledge of HOW to interview in order to get the job you want, the promotion you deserve.

The Outcome Focus® Interviewing System will share with you the inside secrets on how to excel in the interview so you become the DESIRED choice! Why risk something so important? Not only will these skills help you ace the interview but they will also help you get the MOST MONEY you can for the job.

Imagine, not only getting the job you want, but having them offer you MORE because of the VALUE you showed just in the interview. We have clients that have gotten a $15,000 increase right upfront due to these skills.

The best part is that the system is divided in to 8 steps. We have taken all the fluff out and given you the key substance so you can hit the ground running right away.

Give yourself an inside track in a way that is rarely offered to you, the interviewee.

The Outcome Focus® Interviewing System Includes:

1) The entire IMP Interviewing Professional Guide:

This guide is used in IMP's $5000 per person coaching sessions. Included are:

  • 8 steps that show you how to shine from the interview to the follow up
  • Comprehensive Checklist
  • 10 Key Questions you need to be able to answer
  • CAST alignment sheet
  • thank you letters
  • how to CLOSE the interview so you OPEN your chances
  • reading the interviewer
  • knowing what to bring, and much more!

2) Two jampacked CD's:

  • The first CD shows you how to use the system to your advantage so you get all you can out of it
  • The second CD tells you how to read your interviewer so you can build trust and rapport immediately

3) Bonus DVD included - This is a full hour - live program:

Learn how to read body language so you can read what is being thought but not said! This will allow you to avoid all the mistakes that most people make!