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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be customized for our company?

Absolutely! With each program we do for a company we do a Customized Excavation Assessment so we make sure we understand your company goals, terms and situations. Having the program customized for your group enhances the learning so we highly recommend it.

Can this be done as a Train-the-Trainer?

The easiest and least expensive way to get the program deep in to your company is the Train-the-Trainer route. Since all of our programs build on and integrate with one another this allows you to build a great professional development program for your organization. This is especially a good route if you have more than 100 people you want to go through a program.

Can we do options other than the two-day?

Our programs can be done in a two-day program, one day or even half day. Which one is right for you, depends on the outcome you are trying to reach. Our two-day programs are the most profound on creating long-term thinking changes that create a culture of high trust, accountability and respect. Our one-day programs work great for top executives and our half day programs for diving in to one focused area for teams. We will work with you on what you are trying to accomplish and which option will help you get there. We even have keynotes that can introduce your team to new concepts and new ways of thinking.